The Code To Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is talked about daily in the online network marketing arena as a way to automate and add leverage to building a traditional network marketing business. The problem with attraction marketing though, is that most people have been misinformed and misguided and are not being effective with their marketing.

Although it’s not a new concept at all, networkers have been using the concepts of direct response marketing and personal relationship selling for decades, the online network marketing arena coined the term “attraction marketing” to refer to a process where instead of chasing prospects around and pitching them your program, products or services, you proactively market and set up direct response sales funnels to attract targeted prospects to you.

On the internet this consists of advertising or marketing with keyword focused content and directing that traffic flow through a lead capture system and following up with email and multi media messages which instruct and deliver valuable information to the prospect, building trust and compelling the prospects to phone or email you for more information. At this point in the process, the marketer has a targeted and interested prospect approaching instead of having to chase people around with the old “pitch and hustle” system of traditional network marketing and direct sales.

As the marketer uses value rich content to build rapport, and a relationship of trust, the chance of generating sales increases and more leverage is used in the process. So if that sounds so good, what’s the problem with attraction marketing?

The problem with this method begins with the fact that it is not completely duplicable and is hard to teach to new marketers. New marketers often get overwhelmed and information over loaded in the process of getting a new business off the ground. In the last 2 years, the simple process of direct response style “attraction marketing” has been taken to the extreme and has become far too complicated for the new member to effectively use.

More often than not, the new marketer wastes too much time “getting ready to get ready” and never truly launches or promotes their business. The few people who continue to use this leveraged marketing method effectively are those who are well skilled in human relations marketing and have learned to keep the mechanics simple and as low on technology as possible.

Attraction marketing can be very effective, but it is a tight rope walk and tight process to balance. Good leadership and coaching is needed to keep the new member on a path that keeps it simple and effective so they can focus on building their business and not on being a full time student of “setting up” a business.

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