How to Improve Your Direct Marketing Campaign

There are some simple steps you can take to improve your direct mail campaign. While it’s important to make your marketing collateral appealing, it’s also imperative that you appeal to your customer’s purchasing mindset. Knowing who your customer is and understanding their needs will help you to communicate effectively while making your direct mail campaign a winning success.

If you understand the power of your direct mail campaign, you can use it to tailor our messages to multiple target markets. The benefit of a direct marketing is that it allows you to personalize your advertising campaign in an effort to reach those customers most likely to buy from you. If done correctly, you will likely see a rate of return unlike other marketing types.

1. Your direct mail campaign should have a call to action: Give your customers a call to action by impressing upon the urgency of your offer and providing them with a way to get in touch with you or take immediate action. A reply deadline will do the trick. Make sure you include your contact information, such as your telephone number, email address and/or URL of your website.

2. Give your direct mail campaign some credibility: Testimonials work wonders because people are more likely to believe someone’s words over your own. Testimonials from others seem more objective while yours appear subjective.

In contrast, send your letter with your signature. People prefer to deal with the person in charge. Build and foster your relationship with your customers in all your sales materials.

3. Know your direct mail target audience: You can send out thousands of direct mail pieces and get little or no response if you haven’t clearly defined your target audience. The more you know about your target market, the better your chances will be to sell to them. Know who they are by their demographic, geographical and psychographical characteristics.

Other tips include offering a free gift with purchase or a discount. You can also offer multiple versions of the same product, such as “good,” “better,” or “best” to allow people to make choices. Of course, offering free customer support and a great guarantee helps eliminate a customer’s perception of risk when buying your product or service.

Your direct mail campaign should be more than a one-time deal. Add personalized codes on your pieces to track response rate and to begin to collect data on the type of consumer who responded to your different campaigns so that you can continue to implement the ones that work.

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