Direct Marketing And You

Have you ever wondered how the Internet has made communication easier for businesses and consumers? Well, wonder no more. It is true that the Internet has changed the way we currently do business and revolutionized the approach to marketing. In fact, customers can now purchase items right from the comfort of their home! This article will provide a sneak preview into the world of direct marketing and how its value to the customer. This includes easier distribution and improved business to customer (B2C) relationship. While there still remains a place for retail and wholesale outlets, direct marketing remains a viable option for businesses and customers.

Direct marketing is direct communication between purchaser and selling using a promotional strategy other than one to one selling. This includes activities that directly link producer or intermediaries (wholesalers or retailers) with the customer. Some examples are mail, catalog sales, telemarketing, online marketing and article marketing. The use of the Internet as a shopping option has changed the buying habits of customers. This has given rise to businesses utilizing greater online advertising tactics due to increased customer traffic. The use of online articles with their resource links has allowed customers to access information that assists them in the buying decision process.

The use of the Internet makes distribution easier and cheaper. Website based management information systems allow businesses direct marketing access to customers. In today’s marketplace, small companies can establish a website which attracts customers from all over the globe. E-commerce has made the buying experience more hassle free which encourages more purchasing via the Internet. Imagine that customers can purchase cars from suppliers thousands of miles away and have the cars shipped to them. Door to door delivery has become more prevalent with the option for shipping and handling once the item is purchased. Interestingly, customers can even track items from shipment to delivery.

Opportunities for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) transactions are readily available. Customers can visit websites where they have the opportunity of purchasing online and customizing their purchases. For example, customers can choose features they want on their computer and have the customized version shipped to them. Moreover, customers can negotiate and bid online for items of their choice. Article marketing has helped to facilitate this relationship between customer and business through informative articles and invaluable resource links to business websites. The articles are found online and can be accessed while the customer is browsing the Internet.

Undoubtedly, the Internet has facilitated business to consumer relationships. Customers can negotiate with their suppliers online prior to purchase and make online enquiries or complaints about the product. Additionally, distribution is easier and delivery is trackable. This tends to heighten customer satisfaction and usually translates into customer loyalty and retention. This is critical for today’s marketers as direct marketing is heavily focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Admittedly, every system has its disadvantages; however, based on the information provided, it’s now your turn to decide if direct marketing is right for you.

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