Direct Marketing and Client Relations – You Cannot Have One Without the Other

What does client relations have to do with direct marketing? Everything!

After all the idea for direct marketing is for a company to offer a service or product to the public where the public then becomes a client. In order to keep a client, continued direct marketing is needed. Along with providing those clients what they expect for their dollars spent, they also expect some type of relationship. The competition is too fierce to ignore your clients. provided a study conducted by Business Week Research Services entitled “Business is King”. Within this study, researchers talk about the (re)emergence of the customer in today’s marketplace.

“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s natural to make sure that you are keeping an eye on your competition. The inclination of companies over the years has been to focus on competitors rather than enhancing their relationships with their customers. Newer market entrants invariably seek to dislodge leaders in the space, and incumbents fight equally hard to keep their position as “King of the Hill”.”

“…70% of companies surveyed were also increasing their focus on customer loyalty and retention. Companies were also increasing their focus on expanding existing customer relationships (66%), new customer acquisition (51%) and improving customer service (51%).”

Excuse me for saying this but it is about time someone started paying attention.

Every business created starts out small. They market directly to those in a particular area hoping to make a profit. If a company is lucky and they have done their research properly growth occurs. Since it is a well known fact that company profits are produced by 30% of a client base, making sure your clients are happy and satisfied only makes sense.

Along the path of growth, companies have a tendency to forget who enabled that company to become a regional, national or international powerhouse: the customer.

Direct marketing helps develop customer loyalty and increase client retention. Sending your clients a special offer by postcard or email and indicating the offer is for existing clients only shows they are important. Use the successfulness of direct marketing on your website by setting up a customer sign in section where only they can access web based services. Allow your clients to use direct marketing themselves by encouraging them to comment and give advice on your company blog.

The days of “offer it and they will come” are long gone. Today you need more than lots of money, a gimmick and a loud voice to be successful.

Start a program of client relations. Ask for feedback. Show your clients that they are the most important asset in your organization. It is thanks in part to them that your company viability is where it is at today.

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