Direct Mail Advertising and Thursday Advertising Rush

We have all been amazed at the inserts in the Newspaper that arrive on Thursdays from all sorts of retailers, so many pretty and colorful ads. One can only think thank God for recycling and some tree had to give its life for this bizarre American Shopping Marketing Ritual. Indeed we all throw most of this in the trashcans.

Some of us will carefully page through certain ones for perhaps coupons on future purchases. Well now lets consider direct mail advertising and the problems if the direct mailing packages that we business people are advertising in shows up on a coupon collecting Thursday or a business newspaper insert Sunday when the newspapers are also stacked with advertising?

If you are use direct marketing as part of your business marketing strategy then you should talk with your advertising representative or account executive to make sure you are satisfied that the direct mail package your brochures are in do not coincide with the newspaper insert peak days.

Otherwise information over load sets in and your information is likely to end up in the trashcan like all the rest and that is unfortunate considering you spent real marketing dollars in your company or small business to be included in that package. Please consider all this in 2006.

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