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How to Improve Your Direct Marketing Campaign

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There are some simple steps you can take to improve your direct mail campaign. While it’s important to make your marketing collateral appealing, it’s also imperative that you appeal to your customer’s purchasing mindset. Knowing who your customer is and understanding their needs will help you to communicate effectively while making your direct mail campaign a winning success.

If you understand the power of your direct mail campaign, you can use it to tailor our messages to multiple target markets. The benefit of a direct marketing is that it allows you to personalize your advertising campaign in an effort to reach those customers most likely to buy from you. If done correctly, you will likely see a rate of return unlike other marketing types.

1. Your direct mail campaign should have a call to action: Give your customers a call to action by impressing upon the urgency of your offer and providing them with a way to get in touch with you or take immediate action. A reply deadline will do the trick. Make sure you include your contact information, such as your telephone number, email address and/or URL of your website.

2. Give your direct mail campaign some credibility: Testimonials work wonders because people are more likely to believe someone’s words over your own. Testimonials from others seem more objective while yours appear subjective.

In contrast, send your letter with your signature. People prefer to deal with the person in charge. Build and foster your relationship with your customers in all your sales materials.

3. Know your direct mail target audience: You can send out thousands of direct mail pieces and get little or no response if you haven’t clearly defined your target audience. The more you know about your target market, the better your chances will be to sell to them. Know who they are by their demographic, geographical and psychographical characteristics.

Other tips include offering a free gift with purchase or a discount. You can also offer multiple versions of the same product, such as “good,” “better,” or “best” to allow people to make choices. Of course, offering free customer support and a great guarantee helps eliminate a customer’s perception of risk when buying your product or service.

Your direct mail campaign should be more than a one-time deal. Add personalized codes on your pieces to track response rate and to begin to collect data on the type of consumer who responded to your different campaigns so that you can continue to implement the ones that work.

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Direct Marketing And You

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered how the Internet has made communication easier for businesses and consumers? Well, wonder no more. It is true that the Internet has changed the way we currently do business and revolutionized the approach to marketing. In fact, customers can now purchase items right from the comfort of their home! This article will provide a sneak preview into the world of direct marketing and how its value to the customer. This includes easier distribution and improved business to customer (B2C) relationship. While there still remains a place for retail and wholesale outlets, direct marketing remains a viable option for businesses and customers.

Direct marketing is direct communication between purchaser and selling using a promotional strategy other than one to one selling. This includes activities that directly link producer or intermediaries (wholesalers or retailers) with the customer. Some examples are mail, catalog sales, telemarketing, online marketing and article marketing. The use of the Internet as a shopping option has changed the buying habits of customers. This has given rise to businesses utilizing greater online advertising tactics due to increased customer traffic. The use of online articles with their resource links has allowed customers to access information that assists them in the buying decision process.

The use of the Internet makes distribution easier and cheaper. Website based management information systems allow businesses direct marketing access to customers. In today’s marketplace, small companies can establish a website which attracts customers from all over the globe. E-commerce has made the buying experience more hassle free which encourages more purchasing via the Internet. Imagine that customers can purchase cars from suppliers thousands of miles away and have the cars shipped to them. Door to door delivery has become more prevalent with the option for shipping and handling once the item is purchased. Interestingly, customers can even track items from shipment to delivery.

Opportunities for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) transactions are readily available. Customers can visit websites where they have the opportunity of purchasing online and customizing their purchases. For example, customers can choose features they want on their computer and have the customized version shipped to them. Moreover, customers can negotiate and bid online for items of their choice. Article marketing has helped to facilitate this relationship between customer and business through informative articles and invaluable resource links to business websites. The articles are found online and can be accessed while the customer is browsing the Internet.

Undoubtedly, the Internet has facilitated business to consumer relationships. Customers can negotiate with their suppliers online prior to purchase and make online enquiries or complaints about the product. Additionally, distribution is easier and delivery is trackable. This tends to heighten customer satisfaction and usually translates into customer loyalty and retention. This is critical for today’s marketers as direct marketing is heavily focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Admittedly, every system has its disadvantages; however, based on the information provided, it’s now your turn to decide if direct marketing is right for you.

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High Impact Email Marketing – 3 Tips

May 25 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Emailing potential customers or clients can be a quick and effective way of generating significant business. If you have a computer and internet access it is also a completely free way to market yourself. There is an art to the unsolicited email. A lot of people won’t even open an email from someone they don’t know. If they do, as soon as they see a canned sales pitch they might delete it. There are some key actions that will help you avoid instant deletion. Here are three to get you started.

1. Know Your Market

Spamming countless businesses and individuals is not only annoying but also a poor use of time? Take a couple of minutes and figure out a general market. If you are selling pet products, emailing local restaurants is not going to help. Pick out businesses that deal with pet products. Look up all the pet stores and groomers. Take it even further and look up veterinarians, doggy daycares and dog walkers. One problem you might come across when looking for potential customers is that finding email addresses isn’t as easy as phone numbers. I suggest using your local Chamber of Commerce as a starting point. They usually have directories that include email addresses. You can also do an internet search for any local online directories. As a last resort, go through your yellow pages, find a business name and search to see if they have a website. If they have a website, they have an email address. Make a list of all possible contacts, and their email addresses. Eventually you will want to add a column that identifies how they responded to your emails. Make sure it is in a simple and clean format and file it away or save it. It can be used in any future email campaigns.

2. Your Subject

The body of your email is very important, but if people don’t get by the subject, your body is useless. The subject can be tricky, some words that you might think are eye catching like “free” or “limited time offer” are often marked as spam. If the automatic spam filter doesn’t filter you out, a person might see the subject and instantly delete it. Your subject must be something that is unassuming enough not to seem like spam, but gets enough attention to get opened. Using something like “quick question” is very often a great start. The person opening the email sees that and it instantly piques their interest. They probably think it is someone asking about their services, pricing or hours, which is an email they want to open as soon as possible.

3. Body/Pitch

Keep it simple. We have heard that phrase over and over again, but you have to remember it and use it. A long flowery speech on the effectiveness of your products, or a technical break down of the polymers used in it, is just going to be glossed over. My suggestion, state who you are, and what you offer. Then make sure you try and incite some sort of action. You can do this a couple ways, and I suggest using both in your email. First you offer up a follow up email or call. Something like, “If you are interested in our products or services, you can email me back for more information, or we can arrange a call at your earliest convenience.” This way when they call or email you, you can hit them with the speech on effectiveness, or the technical specs and they will be willing to read/listen. That isn’t the only action you want to inspire though. You should also leave a line that will hopefully end up in more leads. At the end of the email, leave a line saying something like, “Sorry if you are not the person I should be contacting, if you know of anyone that might be interested can you please forward this to them?” This will hopefully end up in leads you didn’t even think about. Or at the very least, get you in contact with someone in the targeted organization that might be more interested in your services.

There are three things you can start right now, to improve the effectiveness of your unsolicited emails. I suggest trying out a couple different subjects and pitches, find the ones that gets the most responses and go forward with those. Good luck!

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Direct Marketing Bootstrapping Entrepreneur – How to Get Leads For Free – Part 1

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When you are bootstrapping a small business, lead generation is the most critical task you can have. Without customers you have no sales and without sales you have no business. Here are some free ways that you can generate free customer traffic:

1. Use your business card. Leave it everywhere. Have thousands printed. They should have as much information about your business as possible. Use both sides. A business card is a tiny sales letter for your company. Leave it with every tip at a restaurant, leave it on bulletin boards, give them to friends, give extras to customers to give to people, throw them like confetti, just keep spreading them around everywhere you go.

2. Create a squeeze page on the Internet. A squeeze page captures the name and email of each person that visits. Drive traffic to the page and make them sign up before you will give them any more information. You can also accomplish this with direct mail by keeping a customer database, and use a guest-book every time someone comes in your store.

3. Write articles. Article writing is a good way to generate traffic towards your squeeze page. You write an article about at topic that you are an expert in, and drive that traffic to a squeeze page. Once an article is posted to the Internet, that information is out there forever, driving content to your page for a long time without you having to do anything extra. This is a great way to multiply your sales efforts.

4. Offer an incentive program. If you create some kind of customer loyalty program, people begin to feel obligated to go to your business so that they can earn more points. The points are turned in for merchandise or credit.

5. Give a guest lecture for free at a library. Give a talk about your particular niche. Many times you can reserve a room for free if you are benefiting the library’s patrons. Librarians work hard to bring in good content and they are always on a budget crunch. Make sure people have to register in advance so that you can get their name and address and follow up with them for a long time.

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Network Marketing Success – The 80-20 Rule Revisited

May 23 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

80 percent of the results are produced by 20 percent of the people.

That staggering (and surprisingly accurate) statistic is the very same philosophy Jack Welch used when he stripped down GE to become one of the powerhouse companies of his day during his tenure as Head Man In Charge of Getting Things Done around there. Jack understood the need to “trim the fat” as it were, to keep his organization lean and prosperous.

The same holds true in nearly every enterprise. Specifically, look at your direct sales business. Are there people in your company that rise to the top because they consistently have more sales, more recruits and more shows on their calendar than anyone else? Of course! Are you wondering how you can be one of them? Read on!

As a consultant, there are two ares of your personal business you must address to be one of these “20 percenters”. First look at your time. 20 percent of your activities are going to produce 80 percent of your results. There are always activities you can’t avoid doing – it’s human nature to occasionally get sucked into a conversation or activity that distracts you from your daily goals. Become aware of what your 20 percent activities are, and spend your time more effectively in those areas. Eliminate distractions as much as possible. I’ve got kids at home, too, and I know from distractions. There’s nothing more distracting than a 2 year old pouring his own glass of juice just out of arm’s reach when you’re trying to handle a sales call! But the baby won’t drown, and you can clean up the mess (and the baby) when the call’s over – no need to get upset on the phone.

The second area to address is your customer base. 20 percent of your customers will provide 80 percent of your business and the remaining 80 percent are likely to have a few “headaches” hiding in there. Be very selective and protective over these 20 percenters. I would even suggest going the extra mile and doing something special to celebrate them as your top 20 percenters. Building customer loyalty (not satisfaction) is key in this business age. It’s important to stay in front of your most valuable customers so that they become even more loyal and provide you with even more value. But that means providing more value to them in return.

Tip: Many consultants use some sort of “preferred customer” or “VIP” program. Look closely at who those people are, and find ways to connect with them more often.

As a leader, you’ll also need to look at your training and recruiting efforts. 20 percent of the training topics produce 80 percent of the results on a team. Sometimes they are the easy areas like order entry. Sometimes, they are more difficult areas like overcoming objections. Take a look at your training topics and compare it to the performance of your team on a month-to-month basis. there should be a correlation. Listen to your consultants. When they indicate a training need, fill it whenever possible. People don’t usually ask for help, and if they are, chances are good they’re not the only ones that need it!

Lastly, as a leader, you have to look at your team. 20 percent of your team will provide 80 percent of your headaches. Just know that upfront. Identify those people and create ways to handle them – before they become a distraction to the remainder of your team – and your personal business. Remember those “time suck” conversations I was talking about earlier? This is one of those kinds of activities. Make a plan.

And, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that 20% of your team will provide you with 80% of the results. These are your super stars – and yes, you may be one of your own super stars. Especially if your team is small. I strongly encourage special recognition for these folks – to help insure loyalty to your company – but I also encourage recognition at LEVELS. That way, it’s not JUST your top 20% that are producing results. Everyone on a team serves a purpose. As a leader you need to focus on the top 20%, but be accessible to everyone in your organization. Because you never know when there’ll be a newcomer to your top 20%.

Ultimately, it comes down to being AWARE of what’s going on in your business, whether you’re brand new, or a long time veteran. Some companies like to keep things very “hush hush” in the organization, and that’s something I can’t handle. I use programs like Simpleology to help me get a handle on my daily tasks. I know exactly what my top 20% issues are each day, and I can target them immediately when I start my morning.

I pull reports (or create them if I have to), and know who my top producers are, who my top customers are, and then I can take action to say thanks and keep them loyal.

Take a close look at your business. Know who’s putting food on your table, and who’s making it harder to get your job done. Then act accordingly!

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The Code To Attraction Marketing

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Attraction Marketing is talked about daily in the online network marketing arena as a way to automate and add leverage to building a traditional network marketing business. The problem with attraction marketing though, is that most people have been misinformed and misguided and are not being effective with their marketing.

Although it’s not a new concept at all, networkers have been using the concepts of direct response marketing and personal relationship selling for decades, the online network marketing arena coined the term “attraction marketing” to refer to a process where instead of chasing prospects around and pitching them your program, products or services, you proactively market and set up direct response sales funnels to attract targeted prospects to you.

On the internet this consists of advertising or marketing with keyword focused content and directing that traffic flow through a lead capture system and following up with email and multi media messages which instruct and deliver valuable information to the prospect, building trust and compelling the prospects to phone or email you for more information. At this point in the process, the marketer has a targeted and interested prospect approaching instead of having to chase people around with the old “pitch and hustle” system of traditional network marketing and direct sales.

As the marketer uses value rich content to build rapport, and a relationship of trust, the chance of generating sales increases and more leverage is used in the process. So if that sounds so good, what’s the problem with attraction marketing?

The problem with this method begins with the fact that it is not completely duplicable and is hard to teach to new marketers. New marketers often get overwhelmed and information over loaded in the process of getting a new business off the ground. In the last 2 years, the simple process of direct response style “attraction marketing” has been taken to the extreme and has become far too complicated for the new member to effectively use.

More often than not, the new marketer wastes too much time “getting ready to get ready” and never truly launches or promotes their business. The few people who continue to use this leveraged marketing method effectively are those who are well skilled in human relations marketing and have learned to keep the mechanics simple and as low on technology as possible.

Attraction marketing can be very effective, but it is a tight rope walk and tight process to balance. Good leadership and coaching is needed to keep the new member on a path that keeps it simple and effective so they can focus on building their business and not on being a full time student of “setting up” a business.

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Direct Marketing Defined – Metcalf’s Law

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There is no denying that those who do well in life have networked in some form or another.

Networking does not only apply to what most people consider MLM or multi-level marketing,but also to anyone who establishes contacts for the purpose of expanding and strengthening their business connections. So when one takes an in depth look at all types of businesses, including the financial sector such as banks, everyone networks in some way, even the job hunter who sends hundreds of applications to his or her favorite placement agency.

This then brings us to the topic in question. It is widely recognized that direct marketing is a closely related to network marketing. Or isn’t it the other way around. Let’s be clear on one thing, the term “network marketing” has been greatly abused. It is shunned upon as strictly meaning multi-level marketing, when it is not. Not that there’s anything wrong with multi-level marketing which is in fact, direct marketing.

But isn’t selling from a website direct marketing? Yes it is! Direct marketing (person to person), in whatever form you choose to apply it, whether it be an information product on the net, or as an independent business owner for various manufacturers and distributors that choose this route, is in my opinion the only viable source in today’s economy where anyone can become rich in a relatively short time frame as compared to conventional methods.

There is no argument…that if you want to escape life’s daily ruts which the lack of money imposes on people, there’s no other way! I firmly believe that!

Some universities, at least in my neck of the woods, have given it a new name. They call it “collective entrepreneurship”, based on people joining together in solidarity towards a common goal, which is obviously financial.

Direct marketing, because of the principle and the magic of geometric progression, is an engine of infinite success. Did you all understand this? Let me put it another way.

How many of you know who Robert Metcalf is? Robert Metcalf is one of the people credited for creating the Ethernet. The Ethernet dates back to when people first started using cable to hook computers up to each other in the late 60′s. In 1972 Robert Metcalf and David Boggs at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center first standardized Ethernet. He more recently founded the technology company, 3ComCorp. But more importantly he is also credited for defining Metcalf’s Law which is:

A Network Economic Value = Number of UsersĀ²

In simple terms, if there exist just one telephone, that single telephone has no economic value. The moment there are two telephones, according to Metcalf’s law, the economic value of the phone network is now squared. The economic value of the network would go from 0 to 2 (squared) or 4. Add a third phone and the economic value of the network is now 9. In other words, the economic value of a network goes up exponentially, not arithmetically.

Direct Marketing, takes the theory of Metcalf’s Law and turns it into an unparalleled business model. Grasp the meaning and the power behind this, and you will understand the power behind Direct Marketing, also known as Viral Marketing.

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The First Steps to Take Before Marketing Online

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Whether you want to work from home, need ideas to start a home business, already have one or otherwise work at home, a well structured website has everything you need. In the meantime, you’ll get your business going and when the economy turns around and business picks up, you’ll have satisfied customers you can use for referrals and testimonials, giving you a head start. Most home-based businesses can be started with very little money. With the kids going back to school, you may find yourself with a bit more time on your hands to think about how you can transform your home office from a necessary space to the home office of your dreams. Not only are there many good solid one-person home-based businesses, they also lend themselves to being great home-based businesses for couples.

There are many ideas and multitudes of trustworthy information available to you online including low-cost home business ideas, reputable companies with home jobs, reputable websites that list companies, most are free, a few are low-cost and some offer explanations of how various scams work. If you think there’s some magical entrance-way to immediately landing a work at home job, you can almost be guaranteed that you will lose money to any or all scams. In a nutshell, multiple streams of income means your business has more than one way to make money. Another re-occurring form of positive cash flow is called residual income that you receive on a predetermined schedule. As in any competitive arena, being recognized as a resourceful business person will undoubtedly differentiate you from others.

Investing money to grow your business is a must, but wasting money-well that’s something no one wants to do, but many business owners manage to do unknowingly. Remember self-employed solo business owners can deduct their health insurance premiums too – but most don’t take advantage of this valuable tax deduction. Investigate, with the help of a tax professional the many options you have at your disposal. Being a small business owner is fun, challenging, but never easy.

Again, many sites have been created to help people find accurate and useful information about starting a home business. Are you searching for the best home based business opportunities? Find the top work from home jobs that make serious money online and legitimate work from the at home office. This article supplies the entrepreneur with insight, knowledge, help and direction in deciding which home based business opportunity is the right fit for them and how to better prepare themselves in the quest to find an opportunity that works.

Many are in the same position as you are in presently, with literally millions of home based business opportunities to pick and choose from all claiming to be the next best thing, “so easy a caveman can do it”. The purpose of the home based business, the first thing you need to do is just that. Pick, investigate and choose. You are well aware home based business opportunities are no easier than your regular job and don’t grow by themselves as you have to be willing to put the time and effort into your home business opportunity to get it off the ground and running. Whether it is home based business opportunities, affiliate marketing, direct sales, internet sales, eBay, or anything related to making money online, knowing your purpose and having passion about your niche will be incredibly useful and powerful down the road!

Are you in this to become fulltime, or just a part-time income? This is a question that needs to be addressed. Now this is not some formal measurement tool laugh, this is just something everyone needs to go by before joining any home based business opportunity or affiliate marketing program. Believe what is said when you are made aware there are thousands of home based business opportunities out there that have complete junk products and you will waste tons of money if you do not complete the research before joining and spending. The company who is running or managing the home based business opportunity or the creator of the affiliate marketing program is vital to your success. Being passionate about your work from home business opportunities will help you through the ups and downs and rough times that you may encounter until you get your business steadily producing results and income for you.

An effective web site design for converting websites into profitable internet ventures is one that produces conversions and traffic through your website content in multiple sources of organic search results. Ask yourself, is the product differentiated from other companies, how high is the demand for the service or product, is anyone in that niche or opportunity using the product or service and experiencing great results?

Be sure to ask yourself these important questions daily!

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How Could Search Engine Marketing Help Your Business?

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The use of technology is very important in improving your website which is connected to your business. It is somewhat challenging and at the same time exciting since you are applying this technique in the promotion of your product and services. Hence, you have to take in your mind that there are lots of competent people using such similar strategy to make their site in the higher rank. Search engine marketing is a process which help those site owners to achieve the rank that will possibly improve their business.

This process plays a very important role in the optimization of the website. The expert of this field has a tactic in the manipulation regarding to the function of the search engine. With this, they can able to improve the website’s page that can be displayed whenever the certain keyword is being searched. This will be a great chance of the site to have a numerous visitors that may be interested with the site’s products or services.

As a client, you have to pay for the service of the search engine marketing expert. But hiring a good one that has an excellent performance will give you a money back guarantee. It means that the positive end result will give you an assurance that your website is likely to be visited by many. Thus, you would not experience the wasteful investment for this.

There are still lots of businessmen used to post their advertisement in the newspaper, direct online campaign and banner. Perhaps, this advertising strategy is somewhat effective but not as efficient as search engine marketing. Direct campaign through online banner might lead interested consumers to your website but the search engine marketing could able to bring more that the latter. In just a matter of “clicks” through searching for the keyword of their needed product, the site of the client will surely be visible in the first page.

We may be aware the one of the most productive search engine is the Google. Many people consider it as the major source of referrals and this is the major target of the search engine marketing. The process involves calculated methodologies to deliver result in line with the listing criteria, standards and conditions, indexing algorithm and parameters of the engine. Thus, the process has a goal of reaching the targeted visitors and audience.

Every visitor who search a subject that is relayed to your niche will surely find the site that is being optimized by an expert. This is the result of the search engine marketing that enables prospect visitors to open your site which features your services. That is why, you don’t have to spend time and money in link exchanges or advertisements. Rather, utilize this search engine marketing method to make your site be ranked on the top as they click for the related keywords.

This process is not only effective in generating more leads than the online advertisements, but it is also a cost-effective channel on the Internet. You have to remember that most consumers prefer to search for their needed product rather than entertaining the advertisement that appears in their computer.

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Direct Marketing and Client Relations – You Cannot Have One Without the Other

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

What does client relations have to do with direct marketing? Everything!

After all the idea for direct marketing is for a company to offer a service or product to the public where the public then becomes a client. In order to keep a client, continued direct marketing is needed. Along with providing those clients what they expect for their dollars spent, they also expect some type of relationship. The competition is too fierce to ignore your clients. provided a study conducted by Business Week Research Services entitled “Business is King”. Within this study, researchers talk about the (re)emergence of the customer in today’s marketplace.

“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s natural to make sure that you are keeping an eye on your competition. The inclination of companies over the years has been to focus on competitors rather than enhancing their relationships with their customers. Newer market entrants invariably seek to dislodge leaders in the space, and incumbents fight equally hard to keep their position as “King of the Hill”.”

“…70% of companies surveyed were also increasing their focus on customer loyalty and retention. Companies were also increasing their focus on expanding existing customer relationships (66%), new customer acquisition (51%) and improving customer service (51%).”

Excuse me for saying this but it is about time someone started paying attention.

Every business created starts out small. They market directly to those in a particular area hoping to make a profit. If a company is lucky and they have done their research properly growth occurs. Since it is a well known fact that company profits are produced by 30% of a client base, making sure your clients are happy and satisfied only makes sense.

Along the path of growth, companies have a tendency to forget who enabled that company to become a regional, national or international powerhouse: the customer.

Direct marketing helps develop customer loyalty and increase client retention. Sending your clients a special offer by postcard or email and indicating the offer is for existing clients only shows they are important. Use the successfulness of direct marketing on your website by setting up a customer sign in section where only they can access web based services. Allow your clients to use direct marketing themselves by encouraging them to comment and give advice on your company blog.

The days of “offer it and they will come” are long gone. Today you need more than lots of money, a gimmick and a loud voice to be successful.

Start a program of client relations. Ask for feedback. Show your clients that they are the most important asset in your organization. It is thanks in part to them that your company viability is where it is at today.

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